JavaScript Introduction

Learn JavaScript, a Web development programming language, to add interactivity to your Web pages, and become an expert Web developer.

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How to add JavaScript (JS) code in your Web site/Web app, how to debug it

How to make interactive Web sites through the DOM API

How to change the CSS styles of HTML5 elements from JavaScript

How to deal with HTML5 forms

How to make basic graphics and animations using the HTML5 canvas

How to use the basic concepts of ES2016, the last iteration of the language: arrays, functions, loops, basic objects


This course is part of W3C’s “Front-End Web Developer” Professional Certificate.

This computer science course is an initiation to JavaScript programming and has been designed to help Web developers have an understanding of the basic concepts of the language. This course was developed in partnership between W3C and University Côte d’Azur.

JavaScript lets you add interactive features to your Web sites, including dynamically updated content, controlled multimedia, animated images, and much more.

The main objective of this course is to master JavaScript best practices by means of many interactive examples, some of which are demonstrated in live coding videos.

We’ll use JavaScript within the Web browser. Why JavaScript is worth your time:

HTML5, CSS and JavaScript are the “classic three” for developers and designers;
It allows you to add interactivity to your Web sites;
You can use JavaScript and HTML5 APIs to create custom graphics and animation, and to master multimedia using audio and video players, music and sound effects;
It is powerful, easy to learn, and quick to write;
It has great tools (editors, runtimes, lint tools, browsers, and third party libraries) as well as great online support through plenty of active open source communities.

At the end of the course, we expect that you will be able to read the source code of any JavaScript example found on the Web, learn from it, tweak it, and even – why not? – start contributing to open-source JavaScript projects. This introductory course will make you think like a JavaScript developer.


Module 1: Introduction to JavaScript

JavaScript, HTML and CSS
JavaScript overview
Your first HTML/CSS/JS page
Variables, values, functions, operators, and expressions
Simple JavaScript examples to play with

Module 2: Adding interactivity to HTML

Conditional statements, loops and logical operators
Functions and callbacks
Handling events
Let's write a small game

Module 3: Playing with HTML5

APIs Arrays and iterators
HTML5 multimedia and JavaScript API
Displaying a map with the Geolocation API
Playing sound samples and music

Module 4: Structuring data

Objects, properties and methods
Creating multiple objects
Organizing the code in separate files
Improving the game with ES6 classes

Module 5: Working with forms

Built-in JavaScript objects
HTML5 tables, forms and input fields
The JSON notation
Let's create a small application


High school level studies
An interest in learning the basics of programming with JavaScript

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