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Big History: Connecting Knowledge

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We currently face unprecedented challenges on a global scale. These problems do not neatly fall into disciplines. They are complicated, complex, and connected. Join us on this epic journey of 13.8 billion years starting at the Big Bang and travelling through time all the way to the future. Discover the connections in our world, the power of collective learning, how our universe and our world has evolved from incredible simplicity to ever-increasing complexity. Experience our modern scientific origin story through Big History and discover the important links between past, current, and future events. You will find two different types of lectures. ‘Zooming In’ lectures from multiple specialists enable you to understand key concepts through the lens of different disciplines, whilst David Christian’s ‘Big History Framework’ lectures provide the connective overview for a journey through eight thresholds of Big History.


第 1 周 Big History, Critical Thinking, & Transdisciplinarity

A History of Everything
ZOOMING IN: Thinking Historically
ZOOMING IN: Knowledge - Testing Claims
THRESHOLDS 1-3: Linking the First Three Thresholds
Why Does This Matter?

Quiz: Big History, Critical Thinking, Transdisciplinarity
Quiz: Claim Testers

第 2 周 The Universe, Stars, and Planets

Keep Calm and Carry On!
ZOOMING IN: The Big Bang
ZOOMING IN: The First Stars
ZOOMING IN: New Elements
ZOOMING IN: The Periodic Table
THRESHOLD 4: The Solar System
ZOOMING IN: The Birth of Planets
ZOOMING IN: The History of the Earth
Why Does This Matter?

Quiz: The Universe, Stars, and Planets
Quiz: Claim Testers

第 3 周 The Evolutionary Epic

THRESHOLD 5: Emergence of Life
ZOOMING IN: The Origin of life
ZOOMING IN: Dating Methods
ZOOMING IN: Evolution
ZOOMING IN: Palaeontology, Study of Evolution
THRESHOLD 6: Humankind
ZOOMING IN: Anthropology, Study of Evolution
Why Does This Matter?

Quiz: The Evolutionary Epic
Quiz: Claim Testers

第 4 周 Human History

ZOOMING IN: Life in Palaeolithic Africa
THRESHOLD 7: Agriculture
ZOOMING IN: The Origins of Writing
ZOOMING IN: The Silk Roads
TOWARD THRESHOLD 8: Connecting the world zones
Why Does This Matter?

Quiz: Human History
Quiz: Claim Testers

第 5 周 Modernity

ZOOMING IN: The Industrial Revolution
ZOOMING IN: Breakthrough to Modernity
ZOOMING IN: A Global World System
ZOOMING IN: The Global Economy
THRESHOLD 8: Today's World
Why Does This Matter?

Quiz: Modernity
Quiz: Claim Testers

第 6 周 The Future

THRESHOLD 9: Thinking about the Future
ZOOMING IN: Studying Climate Change
ZOOMING IN: Studying the future
ZOOMING OUT: Seeing the Whole Story

Quiz: The Future
Quiz: Claim Testers
作业: Final Assignment

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