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Reviews & Metrics for Software Improvements

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Apply techniques to measure and visualize project progress

Integrate Agile review practices to increase project visibility

Reflect on lessons learned in software projects through retrospective exercises

Improve project and process quality through ongoing measurement


This course covers techniques for monitoring your projects in order to align client needs, project plans, and software production. It focuses on metrics and reviews to track and improve project progress and software quality.


完成时间为 2 小时
Module 1: Right Product
Welcome to the first module! This module is all about creating the “right product”. You will examine various ways of ensuring that you are creating the right product for both your client and your users. You will learn how to conduct a sprint review meeting and why they are an important step for delivering the right product. Then you will look at user studies. You will learn about several techniques for determining the needs of your users. The module concludes by examining how some of the big companies in the industry ensure that they are delivering the right product to their users.
7 个视频 (总计 63 分钟), 7 个阅读材料, 1 个测验

完成时间为 1 小时
Module 2: Done Right
Welcome to the second module! Now that you’ve learned about how to make sure you’re creating the “right product”, it’s time to explore how to ensure that product is “done right”. Here, you’ll start with review techniques, some issues surrounding project monitoring in general, and the Goal Quality Metric framework. Then, you’ll move on to desirable properties of metrics and dive into some key metrics for ensuring that you’re on track. You’ll finish off the module with defect analysis, leading you into getting your product “managed right” in the next module.
7 个视频 (总计 59 分钟), 1 个阅读材料, 1 个测验

完成时间为 2 小时
Module 3: Managed Right
This third module examines the concept of managing your project right. You will learn some important and popular project management techniques. The module starts off by introducing you to the Daily Scrum meeting. You will learn ways to implement daily scrums with the teams that you work with as well as techniques to improve the meetings if they are not working well. Then we will cover the concept of Velocity in more detail which will prepare you for learning about burndown charts. This module covers both Release Burndowns, as well as Iteration Burndowns. We show you how to create, read, and use these useful tracking tools with the teams you work with. Together, these lessons will teach you how to ensure your projects are “managed right”.
6 个视频 (总计 54 分钟), 3 个阅读材料, 1 个测验

完成时间为 2 小时
Module 4: Project Retrospectives
Welcome to the final module of the course! The previous module was focused on ensuring your project was managed right by exploring techniques in project planning. This module will focus on an often-neglected, but very valuable tool: Retrospectives. You’ll explore what retrospectives are and some issues surrounding them. Then, you’ll learn about how a retrospective looks, along with some recommended retrospective exercises. Finally, you’ll round the module off with a summary of the course!

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