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Intermediate Chinese

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Properly use vocabulary and grammar, create sentences and paragraphs, write short passages in Chinese.


Compare the past and present, get to know the modern faces and cultural histories of Taiwan’s beautiful landmarks.



This course uses four scenic locations in Taiwan as the main topics. Besides emphasis on teaching vocabulary, grammar, and text comprehension, each lesson’s text will feature a non-human protagonist, retelling the past and present of each location. Starting from the north and heading south, each lesson combines the historical, cultural, and modern faces of these landmarks. Using fun dialogue between characters,we will string together different stories about the lovely Taiwan one by one. Students interested in Chinese will be able to not only boost their language skills, but also learn about Taiwan’s beauty and cultural life.



Week1 Jiufen’s Lanterns(九份的灯笼)

Jiufen is small town in northern Taiwan, once a booming gold mining town, mining operations there have all closed down now. After the metropolises in the north such as Taipei sprang up, Jiufen has still maintained a rural and simple atmosphere reminiscent of the 1950’s that appeals to many tourists. Jiufen today is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the north of Taiwan. 本周要介绍的是台湾北部的一个小镇 -- 九份,这裡以前盛产黄金,又称「黄金山城」,没有了黄金以后,这裡开始发展观光产业,如今成为台湾十分著名的观光景点之一。

WEEK2 The Secret of Shi Gan Dang (石敢当的秘密)

In this unit we will get to know the little town of Lugang in central Taiwan by learning the story of Shi Gan Dang stone tablets. Lugang’s temples and old streets tell a soul-stirring story, from their impressive architecture to their cultural backgrounds.The sea goddess Mazu protects people in their daily lives, giving them a comforting warmth. Chinese people have special kind of faith and feeling towards their temples. In this unit, we hope you also will feel inspired by these stories.


WEEK3 Romance Under the Setting Sun (安平夕阳的黄昏恋曲)

This week we will look at the earliest Chinese settlement in Taiwan. Tainan is located in southern Taiwan. Because it was settled relatively early on in Taiwan’s history, there are many old buildings left in Tainan, making it an important cultural asset. From the year 1620 there were already settlers farming and living here, some architecture built in that period still remains here today. From these historic buildings, we can understand Tainan’s bygone prosperous days and current modern face. In this town full of both nostalgia and modern life, we can recall the past and at the same time appreciate the changes that places undergo with the passage of time. 本周要介绍的是台湾最早建立的城市 — 台南,它位于台湾的南部,从西元 1620 年起,就有人在这裡耕作、生活,当时建造的部分建筑一直保留到现在,使今日的台南成为一个复古又时尚的城市。

WEEK4 飞鱼王与达悟族长老的约定

Orchid Island is located off the east coast of Taiwan. This little island is full of beautiful scenery and vibrant nature. The people living there maintain a rustic lifestyle very different from that in Taiwan’s modern cities. In this course, follow along with our camera and enjoy Orchid Island’s beautiful natural landscapes.

台湾是一个海岛,周边散落著许多小岛,其中一个位于台湾东部的小岛 -- 兰屿,就是本周介绍的主轴。这裡拥有美丽的风景和丰富的自然资源,并且保存了最原始的生活方式,和现代城市很不一样,邀请你一起来欣赏美丽的兰屿。

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