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Genius. Talent. Golden Mediocrity

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This course is of an applied nature and is oriented to studies in the field of creative life intensification psychology, help with the experience of crises, human potential realization and care. It may be useful for professional psychologists, for specialists whose activity involves empathy, inspiration, understanding and creating of daily life, and for all who are interested in the topic.

The main idea of the course
Genius, talent and golden mediocrity are different (perpendicularly oriented) dimensions of human existence. They should be studied coherently with their manifestations. All together they construct a space for creative life, but each taken separately provokes traumatic, devastating and exhausting forms of anxieties. Our course shows how these three dimensions manifest themselves in life and how you can fulfill your genius, abilities, talents more fully and completely.

Our Method
We critically examine the manifestations of the studied “dimensions” (phenomena), in order that by putting off all “the supposed” we could find specific and inherent meaning. The phenomenological method is to understand and express in simple terms the fundamental structure of creative activity, to express everything that was, that is and that will be important in the psychology of creative life.

Course objective
Our main objective is a phenomenological description of genius, talent and golden mediocrity as specific dimensions of human life, correction of errors and misapprehensions of common sense regarding these phenomena.

What you gain
After taking this course you will know what it is to be genius. You will see the phenomena of mediocrity and talent in a new light. You will understand these phenomena better based on our various examples. You will also be able to practice various aspects of these dimensions of creativity in your daily life.


Welcome to the course

Welcome to Genius. Talent. Golden Mediocrity!

Golden mediocrity

This week explores on the third dimension of creative life : Mediocrity. The topic is also discussed in three chapters: 1. Am I mediocrity? (intonational stress on the word “Mediocrity”), 2. I, mediocrity? (intonational stress on the word “I”), 3. I am mediocrity! (inspiring statement).We hope by this time you have formed your own opinion about two aspects of creative life that concern individuality, originality, uniqueness and distinctiveness. We proceed to the study of golden mediocrity, to universal, typical, normal and identical. Sometimes this aspect emotionally irritates those people who are not confident in their individuality. However, it is mediocrity that guarantees the majority of things that make our life predictable and comfortable. In the chapter “I, mediocrity?” we discuss doubts about our own mediocrity. What can we say about the last chapter this week? It is about the use and the danger of mediocrity. We spend most of our time doing mediocre work and thinking mediocre thoughts. It is not bad or shameful to be a mediocrity. However, it is a shame to compare mediocrities. Mediocrity is good for inner use. It is good to hide behind mediocrity. It is convenient to trade in mediocrity. It is important not to confuse it with other dimensions; it should be harmonized with them. This chapter is also the last chapter of our course.

Final module

We have finally reached the final module. However, as we have already said in the beginning, the course is a door rather than a palace. The end of the course will not eliminate your questions about creative life. Perhaps, quite the opposite, the course will help you to hear new questions that are now within your means and forces. We hope your creative life will go on. We hope now you pay less attention to other people’s opinions (including our opinions), but that you are more responsible as regards your own opinions.This week you are to perform your peer-review assignment. Choose one assignment you like the best out of four and have fun working on it.

Final module: Lesson Choices

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