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身体是什么? | MOOC中国 - 慕课改变你,你改变世界


What Is the Body?

Get an introduction to the different structures and functions that make up the human body.

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Classify the different types of molecular structures used in the body

Describe and identify the basic components that make up cells and tissues within the body

Describe and identify the organs within the body

Compare the organ systems within the body and describe their function


How does the body work? What is it made of? What do different parts of the body do?

From cells to organ systems, this course will introduce you to the basic components that make up the human body.

You’ll discover what molecular structures are, and classify the different types within the body.

You’ll find out about the basic elements that make up cells and tissues, and recognise their purpose.

You’ll understand the different organs systems within the body, and describe what they do.

You’ll gain a basic physiological knowledge and learn how to influence the body’s function.


What are molecules

Cellular components and structure

What are tissues

The key organs in the body

Organ systems


This course is aimed at anyone interested in what the body is made up of. No existing knowledge of biology or chemistry is required.

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