Configuration Management for Containerized Delivery

Gain the skills and knowledge to create, deliver and configure containerized applications in DevOps environments.

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Create container images

Manage multiple containers using tools like Docker

How to set up a production cluster to host your containers

Deploy containerized applications to different orchestrators that are available in Azure Container Service (ACS) i.e. DC/OS, Docker swarm and Kubernetes

How to scale up the clusters, manage data and set up monitoring to proactively keep track of the clusters health and its deployed applications

Create, monitor and manage a Service Fabric cluster.

Manage and maintain Azure hosted clusters and containers in a better way.

Deploy containerized applications to one of the available cluster container solutions, using continuous delivery pipelines.

Manage these clusters in production scenarios.


Containers can run on your local machine but the real power lies in the fact that these exact same containers can also run in production, giving you a very nice and consistent way of bringing software to production.

In production environments containers run on a set of machines managed by cluster orchestration software, and this course will show you how you can create, deploy and configure your containerized applications on Microsoft Azure using Azure Container Service (ACS) and Azure Service Fabric. (ASF)

The course will cover management and operation of your container cluster, teaching how to configure the cluster, and how to manage them so that you have constant insights into how your application is doing in production, and how you can scale up and down based on demand, and deploy containers without having any downtime.

You will learn how a cluster works, how to set it up and how you can manage your production environments. Then you will learn how to deploy your containers in a cluster using continuous delivery infrastructure like Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS).


Module 0 | Course Introduction
Welcome current section
Course Resources
Module 1 | Containerization
What is Containerization
Containers and Docker
Linux and Windows Containers
Where can you host containers?
DevOps and Containers
Continuous Delivery Pipeline and Containers
Module Summary
Review Questions
Practical Exercises
Module 2 | Azure Container Services
Introduction to Azure Container Services (ACS)
Creating and configuring ACS clusters
Running Multiple Containers
Configuring monitoring and logging
Module Summary
Review Questions
Practical EXercises
Module 3 | Service Fabric
Introduction to Azure Service Fabric (ASF)
Creating a Cluster
Programming Models
Configure monitoring and logging
Dealing with Data
Module Summary
Review Questions
Practical Exercises
Module 4 | Cross cutting concerns
Patch Management
Security Concerns
Design for Failure
Review Questions
Practical Exercises
Final Exam
Final Exam
Post-Course Survey
Post-Course Survey


Good working Knowledge of Microsoft Azure
Knowledge of Azure Resource Manager (ARM) and Templatization
Knowledge of general application development and deployment processes

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