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Industrial IoT on Google Cloud Platform

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Google 云端平台
  • 完成时间大约为 20 个小时
  • 初级
  • 英语


Explain the cloud side of IoT.

Use Cloud IoT Core, Pub/Sub, and Dataflow.

Implement a pipeline from their device to BigQuery and Dataprep.

Use BigQuery and Dataprep to gain insights into IoT data


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Welcome to the Coursera course, Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) brought to you by the Google Cloud team. I’m Catherine Gamboa and I’m going to be your guide.

This course covers the entire Industrial IoT network architecture from sensors and devices to analysis. The course discusses sensors and devices but the focus is on the cloud side. You’ll learn about the importance of scaling, device communication, and processing streaming data. The course uses simulated devices in the labs to allow you to concentrate on learning the cloud side of IIoT. The course is a little different than most Coursera courses because there is very little video. Most of the learning is done with short readings, quizzes, and labs.

This course takes about two weeks to complete, 11-12 hours of work with 6 of those hours spent in labs. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to: create a streaming data pipeline, to create registries with Cloud IoT Core, topics and subscriptions with Cloud Pub/Sub, store data on Google Cloud Storage, query the data in BigQuery, and gain data insights with Dataprep. You’ll learn and practice these skills in 7 labs. Then you’ll have an opportunity to test yourself in an optional capstone lab using simulated devices or Cloud IoT Core Inspector.



Welcome to Industrial IoT on GCP
3 个视频 (总计 15 分钟), 1 个阅读材料

Foundations of GCP Architecture
2 个视频 (总计 2 分钟), 16 个阅读材料, 4 个测验

Sensors, Devices, and Communication
1 个视频 (总计 1 分钟), 11 个阅读材料, 3 个测验

Google Cloud IoT Platform
5 个视频 (总计 19 分钟), 21 个阅读材料, 8 个测验


Creating IoT Data Pipelines
1 个视频 (总计 1 分钟), 2 个阅读材料, 2 个测验

Analyzing Data with BigQuery
4 个视频 (总计 11 分钟), 3 个阅读材料, 2 个测验

Analyzing IoT Dataprep and Data Studio
7 个视频 (总计 29 分钟), 9 个阅读材料, 4 个测验

Optional Capstone Project
1 个视频 (总计 1 分钟), 12 个阅读材料

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